TkTeXCAD PURPOSE: Creation of LaTeX picture environments. VERSION: Bugfix to first beta. Vectors work properly now (some impossible elevations were not excluded); Copy/Cut/Paste; graphical EPS inclusion; short description now in english, too. INSTALLATION: You'll need the Python interpreter >= 2.0 with the extension Tkinter. Python is available at, as far as I know, the extension is built into the Windows and Mac installation. For Unix like platforms, Tk is available at Most Linux distributions already include Python/Tk, the Windows installation is relatively straight forward. When having a working interpreter, copy the tree .py scripts to a directory you like and start it with "python tktc" or with a double click unter Windows. (The interpreter is connected to .py files after installation.) CUSTOMIZATION: Change the commented rows in and delete the byte-compiled form config.pyc. As you prefer english, you'll probably want to change the language of the user interface. So set LANG = 1. Some notes on USING the program can be found in the two .sgml files. This format can be converted into various other formats, for convinience, a simple text version is included. COPYRIGHT: The program may be used, copied, changed ... under the conditions of the GPL, given in the COPYING. (c) 2001 Hilmar Straube; NO WARRENTY OF ANY KIND. If you have bug reports, questions, suggestions, extensions, ... let me know: